Metisse: old news
Metisse was briefly presented by Rémi at X@FOSDEM. If you want to know more about the current state of the system or our future plans, just send an email to the mailing-list.
Metisse was demonstrated as part of the "innovation village" organised for INRIA's 40th anniversary celebration.
Rémi Cardona was hired by INRIA to work on Metisse. Rémi has been a Gentoo developer since 2006.
Mandriva Spring is out, featuring Metisse.
We've been recently working with Mandriva people to bring Metisse to a broader audience. As a result, Metisse will be part of Mandriva Spring 2007 and is already available as a Live CD based on Mandriva 2007.0 and GNOME. More information, including download links, is available from Mandriva's Metisse page.
Metisse 0.4.0-rc4 has been released, together with núcleo 0.6. This release includes the new copy/paste interaction techniques that will be presented at CHI 2007.
This page illustrates our latest work with Metisse, which will be presented at the next CHI conference in April 2007 #cite{rock-and-roll}.
This video shows a preview of the User Interface Façades. This system, implemented on top of Metisse, will be presented at the next UIST conference in October.
Access to the wiki is now restricted (we got tired of fixing it because of people who find it cool to "hack" a world-writable website). Contact Olivier or Nicolas for login information.
The Metisse code base is now available via anonymous CVS.
A wiki has been set up.
Metisse will be presented at UIST'05 on Monday , October 24, 2005: Metisse is not a 3D desktop! (Olivier Chapuis, Nicolas Roussel).

A new release of Metisse with a lot of fundamental changes is planed to be released before the end of this year.
Metisse (3D Desktop): Um novo conceito de interface gráfica!, by Alessandro de Oliveira Faria (Viva o Linux).
2004-12-16: metisse-0.3.5
Changes: An Xwnc crash caused by off pixmap rendering was fixed. A depth 16 Xwnc crash was fixed (Xwnc can be ran at depth 16 again). Some gcc-3.4 mmx code from Xorg (for composite operation and filling) was added (small speed improvement). FvwmAmetista Image encoding handling was improved.
2004-12-01: metisse-0.3.4
Changes: A temporary lock with applications which draw a lot of disjoint rectangle at once was fixed. A core dump caused by very big cursor was fixed. FvwmAmetista configuration was improved. Handling of FVWM tips was improved. X and Y rotations of windows were improved for respecting pseudo-gravity. The wnc protocol was augmented for clearly distinguish the root window.
HOWTO: Building metisse RPM package for Fedora Core, by Thomas Chung (Fedora News).
Metisse: An Experiment in Three Dimensional Thinking, by Dave Fancella (Linux Weekly News).
2004-08-12: metisse-0.3.3
Changes: Implemented "software" cursor (for Mac OSX). Enabled the experimental fvwm-insitu focus/stacking policy styles for text selection and xdnd (after fixing a possible crash in fvwmi). Fixed bad (jumping) position of windows during a resize (interactive or not). Fixed fvwm icons related crash reported by Tony J. White. Added some configuration support for fvwm icons (However fvwm icons are not really supported by FvwmAmetista). Removed the grey lines around the windows.
2004-07-28: metisse-0.3.2
Changes: Added support for ARGB cursors. Fixed FvwmAmetista iconification (button 3 on the task bar). New option -p to FvwmAmetista which causes mipmap generation; this improves rendering of transformed windows (but this needs more memory and slowdown rendering). FvwmAmetista now use RGBA textures (faster); new option -a for forcing RGB textures. New option -t to FvwmAmetista which disables the use of the stencil buffer (this break shaped window). Added GLX extension to Xwnc (for OpenGL applications); the rendering is not accelerated. Added XRecord, XFixes and double buffer extensions to Xwnc. More --enable-freetype compilation fixes. Fixed compilation with gcc 3.3 and gcc 3.4.
2004-07-05: metisse-0.3.1
Changes: Improved window operations handling. Fixed cursor jumping when moving a window. New command SaveFrame for creating screen shot. If you upgrade add 'AFuncPointerKeyAmetistaCmd f A "sma SaveFrame"' in bindings and "Ctl-Shfit f" will create capture.jpg. Updated documentation. Fixed building problems with gcc-2.9. Fixed compilation with --enable-freetype.
A new version of nucleo is available. This version solves various build problems.
Metisse - New Looking Glass Alternative (Slashdot).
2004-06-28: metisse-0.3.0, the first public version of Metisse