The Interaction Museum

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What is it?

The Interaction Museum is an on-line resource aimed at HCI practitioners, teachers and researchers that will collect a wide variety of interaction techniques and systems and make them available to the HCI community.

See the presentation for more details.

Who are we?

The Interaction Museum is funded by the Convivio European network of excellence.

Wendy Mackay and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon are managing the project. Jean-René Courtois is developing the web site. Caroline Appert is working on entries and exhibits. Emmanuel Pietriga is helping with the architecture.

Where are we?

The project started in April, 2005.

We held the first Interaction Museum Symposium in Paris in June 2005 and the second Interaction Museum Symposium in Seattle in October 2005. A presentation and demo was held in Montreal in April 2006 in conjunction with the CHI '06 conference.

Convivio's steering committe reviewed the project in December 2005. See the slides and deliverable.

What's coming up?

An beta-version of the web site is now available.

The official launch is planned later in 2007: a call for entries will be issued at the CHI '07 conference and the public launch will take place at the UIST '07 conference.