9th European Conference on
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Paris - France - 18-22 September 2005



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July 10: due to the high number of candidates, applications for Student Voluntees are now closed.

Welcome! If you would like to be a student volunteer for ECSCW 05, you've found the right page.

The ECSCW 05 Student Volunteer chair is Jean-Baptiste Labrune.

To apply to be a student volunteer, please complete the SV request form on the right. The deadline for applying to be an ECSCW SV is August 1st. SVs will be selected a few days later so that anyone travelling long distances has the opportunity to get inexpensive plane tickets.

Benefits and Duties

If you arean ECSCW Student Volunteer, you get...

  • Free conference registration
  • Free T-shirt
  • A chance to attend the major European conference on computer-supported cooperative work.

In the past, volunteers have been given up to three nights of free housing as well. As soon as this year's housing benefit is confirmed, we will post information about it.

All you need to do is help us set-up the conference and do needed work during the conference. There will be at most 10 hours of work for each of the volunteers to do.

Arriving and Leaving

When you arrive at the conference is somewhat flexible, but you should try to arrive at least a couple hours before the start of the conference on Sunday.

When you leave is also flexible, but you should try to plan it so you don't leave the hotel until sessions end on Wednesday. Also, we strongly encourage you to put off leaving until as late as you possibly can, because it's traditional to have a small party for SVs after (or occasionally during) the conference. The time and place for this party will be announced when we know all the SVs' travel plans.

Student Volunteer Request Form

To apply to be a student volunteer, please email the information below and email it to the SV chair:

  • Name and email:
  • Country:
  • University:
  • Degree Program:
  • Year in program:
  • Advisor:
  • Number of previous ECSCW conferences attended:
  • Have you been an ECSCW student volunteer before (when):
  • Have you been a student volunteer in other conferences (which ones):
  • Spoken language(s):

If you have any questions/problems, please send mail to the SV chair.