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Firefox 3, Places and navigation history

The documentation about Places (Firefox’s new history system) implementation and API is starting to appear on Mozilla’s developper wiki. It is interesting to notice the fixes that the team brought to the former history: The history is now divided in 2 tables: The first one is close the old history system and contains URL, host [...]

Paris Mozillians meeting & Linutop

Yesterday (25th of july) Mozillians from Paris got together, around Tristan Nitot (head of Mozilla Europe), Chris Beard (VP Marketing & Products) and John Lilly (COO). Among other things, Frédéric Baille of Linutop came to show his product, a tiny PC (9.3 x 2.7 x 15 cm) running Xubuntu Linux from a usb key, you [...]

Mixing command line and GUI

Alex Faaborg, user experience designer at Mozilla explores how to mix GUI and command line in Firefox. Drawing on the work done by Quicksilver and Enso (by Aza Razkin, greatly influenced by his father ideas), he elaborates mockups for searching the web, bookmark, history… but also for switching tabs, navigating in the recent history, tagging [...]