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The popularity of numbers

An applet that lets you explore the popularity of numbers from 0-100000 on the Web. Makes heavy use of cool animated transitions.

Truly creative 3D sketching

This is an old and simple tool but it’s amazing to see a trained artist using it. This is the very first convincing example of a “creative” 3D sketching tool I see. Also watch the various drawings at the end of the video.

L’ordinateur simplifié “Magui”, grand gagnant du concours Lépine 2008

No comment…

Human Pixels

If we want to make computers more human, maybe we should start with the pixels? Other projects by Guillaume Reymond here, including a hilarious Space Invaders video.

Copy & Paste Art

In case you missed this excellent video.

Magic Vectorization

Researchers from Stanford launched a free online vectorization tool. Upload your bitmap and get a neat svg or eps. It is very easy to use and works surprisingly well, especially with low-res images.

Self-Tuning Guitar

Gibson’s new “Robot Guitar” has machine heads equipped with servo motors and a new cool-looking knob for switching tuning presets and the like. First Run Limited Edition available on December 7th, see the reseller worldwide map on Gibson’s website.

Chinese Non-Photorealistic Rendering

The future is Paint

Lesson from the US #1: How to advertise a product.

Chicken Chicken Chicken

Lesson from the US #2: How to give a CS paper talk.