Monthly Archives May 2008

Multi-Pointer X to become the new X

MPX (Multi-Pointer X) will become standard in Xorg’s X server. This improved X server will support multiple devices at the same time and will allow users and application developers to handle several input devices properly : mice, touchpads, tablets, … This announcement is not something new for HCI where work on bi-manual interaction has started [...]

“How Nokia Users Drive Innovation”

“Through online aps such as Sports Tracker and Nokia Beta Lab, the Finnish handset giant gathers customers’ ideas from around the world—virtually free” in BusinessWeek via Core77 

Bookmarks for May 2nd through May 3rd

En pagaille : links for May 2nd through May 3rd: BBC – Homepage – What a beautiful realisation! ReGeneration – Remarkable Designs, Breathtaking Drawings – Help Us Pick Our Winners – The ?Regeneration: International Green Computing Design Competition,? was conceived as a means to facilitate a broad public dialogue around design opportunities and trade-offs regarding [...]

Bad design category

Let’s begin a new category about bad design. We’ll try to show illustrated examples of badly designed interactive objects and how they could be improved. Before a whole series on SCNF errors, enjoy this short: Essai d’ouverture by Luc Moullet Essai d’ouvertureby Servietsky