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Copy & Paste Art

In case you missed this excellent video.

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Christian Fauré » Enregistrements de Bernard Stiegler (tags: bernard insitu philosophie research stiegler) UIST2008 – 21st Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (October 19-22, 2008 Monterey,CA USA) (tags: conference hci research uist) Sun Labs Lively Kernel (tags: desktop hci javascript labs research smalltalk squeak sun web)

A few notes about Copadd 2007

Interesting stuff from CoPADD (Collaborating over Paper and Digital Documents) Invited Talk: Petter Ericson from Anoto presented his thought on paper, unfortunately i didn’t take notes (Catherine or Thenophanis if you did, please edit). Papers: DriftShift: Positioning Pens and Paper in Space Mike Fraser, Michael R. McCarthy and Elena Apostolova, University of Bristol, UK Related [...]

Les entretiens du nouveau monde industriel

Les 28 et 29 novembre prochain auront lieu au centre Pompidou Les entretiens du nouveau monde industriel: “Rencontres prospectives sur les enjeux de design à l’heure des technologies numériques”. La conférence est organisée par cap digital, l’ENSCI et le Centre Pompidou. Seront présent entre autre: John Maeda, Bernard Stiegler, Jean-Marie Massaud, Florence Devouard et bien [...]

visualizing time

You can find on icastic, representations of time submitted by people Blogged with Flock Tags: time, visualisation

songza, a simple music search engine

Songza is a music search engine & internet jukebox that stands above the others. A simple search box, a few actions on each track through a pie menu. And all this respects web standards. This comes from Humanized people: Asa Raskin and Scott Robbin. Blogged with Flock Tags: web, music, search, design

Magic Vectorization

Researchers from Stanford launched a free online vectorization tool. Upload your bitmap and get a neat svg or eps. It is very easy to use and works surprisingly well, especially with low-res images.

Self-Tuning Guitar

Gibson’s new “Robot Guitar” has machine heads equipped with servo motors and a new cool-looking knob for switching tuning presets and the like. First Run Limited Edition available on December 7th, see the reseller worldwide map on Gibson’s website.

Firefox 3, Places and navigation history

The documentation about Places (Firefox’s new history system) implementation and API is starting to appear on Mozilla’s developper wiki. It is interesting to notice the fixes that the team brought to the former history: The history is now divided in 2 tables: The first one is close the old history system and contains URL, host [...]

Tracking fingers with the Wii remote