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Arcade Fire “Neon Bible”

Design Research: From Market-Driven Era To User Centered Innovation

An article [pdf] of Liz Sanders on research design featured on core77 today Blogged with Flock Tags: design, research

Un site d’animations interactives en flash assez inspirantes. Blogged with Flock Tags: flash, interactive, animations, japanase

Windows 1.0

Lesson from the US #1bis: How to advertise a product. Blogged with Flock Tags: ad, microsoft

The future is Paint

Lesson from the US #1: How to advertise a product.

Chicken Chicken Chicken

Lesson from the US #2: How to give a CS paper talk.

Grèves en tout genre

Attention, la grève du 18 octobre ne touche pas que les transports, un service minimum a aussi été annoncé par le syndicat des urinoirs du LRI. Un poste sur deux sera donc fermé.

Where Do People Click?

In contrast with the Fitts’ paradigm, the task here is to click wherever you want. Maybe you already took the Click Test and saw where 40,000 people clicked before you, but have you ever wondered why people tend to click on diagonals?

Shadow Art

Sometimes the art isn’t apparent until you see it in a different light.

Le chemin

Vu au LRI Blogged with Flock Tags: universite