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Belkin N1 Vision

The N1 Vision wireless router has an embedded screen that displays the network’s speed, bandwidth usage and the status of the connected devices. The NetMeter finally comes to us…

online timelines

Nicolas set up last year a timeline of the HCI related events and deadlines. It’s based on the SIMILE project timeline tool: An Ajax widget displaying time based events from xml data. Recently a social timeline web app went out, it’s called xtimeline and add a social layer to the online timelines. You can create [...]

Easy screencasting

Two minutes of video can have more effect than a 10 pages article. Here are two web-based services to create screencasts (a digital recording of computer screen output): screencast-o-matic is completly web based, it’s a java applet you load from within a browser on any platform and which can capture video and audio. It allows [...]

zZz is playing: Grip

Grip: a one take music video with professional trampoline gymnasts simulating typical video effects.

Fun IHM Friday

Let’s try to do a [fun IHM] post each Friday: An annoying game with plenty of cursors and targets to acquire by Kek. LOLCODE, via Evelyn, Programming the LOL way. All LOLCats, LOL, ALL CAPS. Let’s get started with a Hello world : HAI CAN HAS STDIO? VISIBLE “HAI WORLD!” KTHXBYE Eddie Izzard video on [...]

Paris Mozillians meeting & Linutop

Yesterday (25th of july) Mozillians from Paris got together, around Tristan Nitot (head of Mozilla Europe), Chris Beard (VP Marketing & Products) and John Lilly (COO). Among other things, Frédéric Baille of Linutop came to show his product, a tiny PC (9.3 x 2.7 x 15 cm) running Xubuntu Linux from a usb key, you [...]

Mixing command line and GUI

Alex Faaborg, user experience designer at Mozilla explores how to mix GUI and command line in Firefox. Drawing on the work done by Quicksilver and Enso (by Aza Razkin, greatly influenced by his father ideas), he elaborates mockups for searching the web, bookmark, history… but also for switching tabs, navigating in the recent history, tagging [...]

Electricity consumption by Gilles Belley

David Report has a post on the work of Gilles Belley which was presented at the “So Watt ! du design dans l’énergie”, Espace Electra, Paris. His work carry on how electricity can be represented in an household environment with the idea that it could help consumers to reflect on their electricity consumption. via core77

ingimp, Time Maps, Side Views, etc.

Slashdot has a story on Michael Terry‘s ingimp project. ingimp is a version of GIMP (a complete version, not a plug-in) that has been instrumented to collect real-time usability data. More info is available from the website. Mike is now Assistant Professor at University of Waterloo (Canada). During his PhD at Georgia Tech, he worked [...]