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This website is not maintained anymore. The in|situ| lab has become two labs: ex)situ and ILDA.

For Student Volunteers at the CHI'13 PC meeting

Current Schedule:

Orientation Meeting, Nov. 26, 13h, room 445 Bât. 650, U. Paris-Sud
Orientation Meeting, Dec. 3, 16h, room to be determined, Telecom Paris-Tech
Cocktail, Dec. 7, 17:00 - help set up rooms (then join the cocktail party!)
Meeting, Dec. 8, 8:30 - (earlier if work not complete on Friday)
Meeting, Dec. 9, 8:30

Attended orientation meeting:

  --> Dong-Bach VO (Telecom)
  --> Benjamin BACH (AVIZ)
  --> Quentin ROY (Telecom)
  --> Yvonne JANSEN (AVIZ)
  --> Andre SPRITZER (AVIZ)
  --> Can LIU (INSITU)
  --> Jeremy BOY (AVIZ)
  --> Charles PERIN (AVIZ)
  --> Jérémie Garcia (INSITU)

For those who could not attend, please contact me.


  --> Create a walking map to go from Marriott Rive-Gauche - Telecom Paris-Tech
  --> Create maps / website for arrival by train, plane, metro 
  --> Create an interior map of Paris-Tech, with PC meeting rooms, toilets, cafeteria labeled
  --> Make badges (Jeremy Boy is working on this with me)
  --> Make name cards
  --> Print welcome package
  --> Make arrows and door signs
  --> Sign confidentiality agreement

Room supplies:

  -->  Projector and Screen
  -->  Power strips sufficient for everyone to have power
  -->  PostIt notes
  -->  Markers to write on PostIts
  -->  Flip chart and easel or whiteboard

Office supplies:

  --> Paper cutter
  --> Color printer
  --> Badge stock
  --> Reams of paper
  --> Pens, OH pens
  --> Tape
  --> Scissors

Rooms (sort into a list)

        - 4 very large rooms (over 70 m2): F502, F503, C48, C49 - however the largest one, C48, has a series of tiers in the back half.

Beyond individual, Caps and modalities, J-design, S-design

        - 7 large rooms (about 50m2): B553, B551, B555, B559, B567, C46, C47 

D-usability, V-usability, A-specific apps, JP-specific apps, Systems & tools, J-people, B-people,

        - 2 smaller rooms (about 30m2): B547, B549

B-interaction techniques and devices, S-Interaction techniques and devices

Walking map from Marriott Rive Gauche and Telecom Paris Tech Access to Telecom Paris Tech by metro, car, plane (CDG & Orly), train

CHI'13 Meeting Schedule Debriefing agenda

Arrows Subcommittee names for doors Name 'plates' for everyone - sideways w/ CHI logo


Ethics instructions


	Map of Telecom Paris Tech
		(back: list of subcommittees and rooms)

Letter from Wendy, Michel & Patrick:

	What's new in CHI'13
	Interactive schedule test
	WHat happens next: Author sourcing process

SV list Participant list?