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This website is not maintained anymore. The in|situ| lab has become two labs: ex)situ and ILDA.

Class will be held in PUIO (Bâtiment 640)

19 November, 2014: Class on Interviewing Techniques

Room: D201
Time: 10h30 - 12h00

1-4 December, 2014: HCI Bootcamp

Room: B107
Hours: 9h00 - 12h00 and 14h00 - 17h00

5 December 2014: Final Presentations

Room: E210
Hours: 13h00-16h00
Slides | HCI BootCamp Preview Lecture:

This is NOT a programming course. Instead, students will work in groups of three or four to design, evaluate and redesign an interactive system, represented as a video prototype.

All in-class and homework exercises are required to complete the final project, so class attendance and participation is essential. Students will present the final video prototype to an external jury.


Class participation and exercises = 40%
Final project = 60%

Send your assignments

subject: 2014 HCI Bootcamp LASTNAME Assignment #1

Resources and Video Prototypes

On-line tutorial created for CHI'02:

Video brainstorming examples:

Brainstorm 1 | Thanks to Charles Perin
Brainstorm 2 | Thanks to Daniel Strazzula

Course Lectures and Assignments

19 November 2014 Wednesday Interviews

Slides | HCI BootCamp Intro to Interviews Lecture:
Assignment 1: Pair exercise 1 : Conduct four 7-minute interviews (slide #23)
Assignment 2: Individual exercise : Write four reflections, two as an interviewer, two as an interviewee (slide #26)
Handout | Interviewing Techniques:
Create a group with four members and choose a topic: (slide #30)
  1. Post-it notes (historically, produces most insights)
  2. Personal fitness (careful – the answer is not a fitbit)
  3. Order taking (interview both waiters and customers)
  4. Collaborative trips (how to share a trip?)
  5. Procrastination lists (careful - not a to-do list!)
  6. Something else? Talk to me.
Assignment 3: Individual exercise: Conduct 2 critical incident interviews. Bring a printed copy to class on Monday, 1 december 2014. (slide #29)

1 December 2014 Monday Understanding the user

Slides | Day One Lecture
Assignment: Grounded Theory:
Assignment: User Profile
Assignment: Personas
Assignment: Use Scenario

Note: The assignments from session 1 are REQUIRED. If you do not complete assignments #1 and #2, and bring assignment #3 to class, you cannot take the HCI Bootcamp.

2 December 2014 Tuesday Gathering ideas

Assignment: Standard Brainstorming
Assignment: Video Brainstorming
Assignment: Design Concept
Assignment: Design Alternatives
Slides | Day Two Lecture
Assignment: Design Scenario
Assignment: Storyboard
Worksheet: Storyboard A3
Worksheet: Storyboard Interaction Point

3 December 2014 Wednesday Design and evaluation

Slides | Day Three Lecture
Assignment: Functional Table
Assignment: Video Prototyping
Assignment: Hypotheses

4 December 2014 Thursday Redesign

Slides | Day Four Lecture
Assignment: Generative Walkthroughs

5 December 2014 Friday Final Presentations

Assignment: Poster