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This website is not maintained anymore. The in|situ| lab has become two labs: ex)situ and ILDA.

Class will be held in PUIO (Bâtiment 640)

December 17, 2014 : Class on Interviewing Techniques
D201 & D202 after Christmas break
Hours: 9h00 - 12h00 and 14h00 - 17h00

This is NOT a programming course. Instead, students will work in groups of four to design, evaluate and redesign an interactive system, represented as a video prototype.

All in-class and homework exercises are required to complete the final project, so class attendance and participation is essential. Students will present the final video prototype to an external jury.

Grading for all three masters is:

Class participation and exercises = 40%
Final project = 60%

Send your assignments to

Resources and Video Prototypes

On-line tutorial created for CHI'02:

Video brainstorming examples:

Course Lectures and Assignments

1. Discovery: Finding out about Users

06 January 2014
Room D203
Day One Slides: Finding Out About Users
Design Brief
Assignment: Interviews (due 6 January 2014)
Assignment: Grounded Theory:
Assignment: User Profile
Assignment: Personas
Assignment: Use Scenario

2. Invention: What is Possible

07 January 2014
Room D203
Day two Slides: Invention
Assignment: Standard Brainstorming
Assignment: Video Brainstorming
Assignment: Design Concept
Assignment: Design Alternatives

3. Design: What it should be

08 January 2014
Room D203
Day three Slides: Discovery
Assignment: Functional Table
Assignment: Design Scenario
Assignment: Storyboard
Worksheet: Storyboard A3
Worksheet: Storyboard Interaction Point
Assignment: Video Prototyping

Video Prototype I

Group 1 Pico Baby: Group1_Pico_Baby
Group 2 Unit Uno: Group2_UnitUno
Group 3 Infotainment VP I: Group3_airport_infotainment
Group 4 Name: Group4 Δ
Group 5 Name: Group5 Δ
Group 6 Name: Group6 Δ
Group 7 T_Love: Group7_T_Love

4. Evaluation: Does it work; Redesign: How to improve it

09 January 2014
Room D203
Day four Slides: Redesign
Assignment: Generative Walkthroughs
Assignment: Hypotheses
Assignment: Poster

5. Final Posters and Presentations

10 January 2014
Day five Slides: Assignments

Video Prototype II


Group 1 Pico Baby:group1_pico_baby.poster.jpg
Group 2 Unit Uno: group2.unitUno.poster.jpg
Group 4 Surprise Me: group4_surprise_poster.jpg
Group 5 light: group5_ligh_poster.jpg
Group 6 Skyve: group6_skyve.poster.jpg
Group 7 T_Love: group7_T_love.poster.jpg\\