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This website is not maintained anymore. The in|situ| lab has become two labs: ex)situ and ILDA.

Design and Evaluation of Interactive Systems

Final Project Presentation: External jury

19 february 2013

Please look at Assignment 17 (Final Presentation) for details.''

Class will be held in PUIO (Bâtiment 640)

B107 & B109 before Christmas break
D201 & D202 after Christmas break
Hours: 14h00 - 17h00

This is NOT a programming course. Instead, students will work in groups of four to design, evaluate and redesign an interactive system, represented as a video prototype.

All in-class and homework exercises are required to complete the mid-term and final projects, so class attendance and participation is essential. Students will present the final video prototype to an external jury.

Grading for all three masters is:

Mid-term project = 30%
Class participation = 20%
Final project = 50%

Ressources and Video Prototypes

Here is link to an on-line tutorial I created for CHI'02:

Here is a page with all the video prototypes VideoPrototypes

Course Lectures and Assignments

1: Finding out about Users

27 November 2012
Rooms B107 & B109
Lecture 1 Slides: Finding Out About Users
Assignment 1: Interviews (due 4 Dec.)
Assignment 2: Questionnaires (HCID - in class 28 Nov.)
Homework for 4 December:
Group: Decide on a general topic for your group and a target audience. Each group member should conduct at least two interviews, as specific as possible, with members of this target audience.

2: Generating Ideas

4 December 2012
Rooms E213 & E210 instead of B107 & B109
Resources on Grounded Theory: (HCID - in class 5 Dec.)
Assignment 3: User Profile
Assignment 4: Personas
Assignment 5: Use Scenario
Assignment 6: Web Search
Homework for 11 December:
Group: Based on the interviews (at least 2 per group member), complete a user profile, create and describe three personas, including one extreme character, and develop a use scenario that describes the actions of these three personas in a realistic setting. Include 6-8 interaction points that offer opportunities for design.

Individual: Everyone should look on the web for 10 ideas or inspirations that are relevant to your project (interaction techniques? cool designs? new technology?)''

3: Creating New Designs

11 December 2012
Rooms B107 & B109
Assignment 7: Design Concept
Assignment 8: Design Scenario
Assignment 9: Function-Interaction Table
Extra interest: Design Space
Extra interest: Video Brainstorming

4: Evaluating Interactive Systems

18 December 2012
Rooms B107 & B109
Class work 1: Storyboard Interaction Point
Class work 2: Video Prototyping Title Cards
Assignment 10: Video Prototyping
Assignment 11: Storyboard
Assignment 12: Midterm Assessment

Mid-term Project Due = 30% of grade

5: Redesign Strategies

8 January 2013
Rooms D201 & D202
Assignment 13: Design Walkthrough
Assignment 14: Hypotheses

6: Evaluation & Generative Walkthroughs

15 January 2013 --> 22 January 2013
Rooms D201 & D202
Assignment 15: Generative Walkthrough

7: Co-Adaptive Instruments

22 January 2013 --> 29 January 2013
Rooms D201 & D202
Assignment 16: Co-Adaptive Instruments

8: Final Redesign: Video Prototyping

29 January 2013 --> 5 february 2013
Rooms D201 & D202
For info: Branching Storyboards
Slides: Final advice
Assignment 17: Final Presentation

Final Project Presentation: External jury

19 february 2013