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This website is not maintained anymore. The in|situ| lab has become two labs: ex)situ and ILDA.

Class will be held:

Day: Wednesday
Hours: 14h00 - 17h00
Room: B212 (PUIO - Bâtiment 640)

This course focuses on advanced interaction design methods, with a focus on the redesign of an interactive system. Students work in small groups to design, evaluate and redesign an interactive system. This course is linked to the HCI projects course, in which students will program the system they design in this course. However, the output of this project is a set of design artifacts, including a final video prototype and a final report that includes the evaluation of the project.
All in-class and homework exercises are required to complete the final project, so class attendance and participation is essential. Students will present the final video prototype to an external jury.


The prerequisite for this course is the week-long HCI BootCamp, which counts for half the grade. The rest of the grade will be:

Class participation and exercises = 40%
Final project = 60%

Send your assignments to

Resources and Video Prototypes

On-line tutorial created for CHI'02:

Video brainstorming examples:

Course Lectures and Assignments

1. Introduction

15 January 2014
Lecture 1
Assignment 1: Design Journal:Attach: Design.Journal.pdf Δ

2. Project Definition

22 January 2014
Assignment 2: Reading:
Assignment 3: Define Project:Attach: Define.Project.pdf Δ

3. Prototyping and Participatory Design

29 January 2014
Lecture 3

4. Advanced topics

6 March 2014