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This website is not maintained anymore. The in|situ| lab has become two labs: ex)situ and ILDA.

Allowing users to sketch their own interfaces on mobile devices

Master-level internship at in|situ|

Advisors: Anastasia Bezerianos and Caroline Appert


As the available technology evolves and is adopted by an increasing population, it is impossible to anticipate under which conditions and for what purposes interfaces will be used for, and designing the perfect interface for every purpose is no longer feasible. In this internship we will address this issue, by allowing users to sketch their own interfaces on mobile devices. Users will be able to sketch controllers (e.g. a button) and then use specific gestures to parametrize this controller (e.g. open a specific map location). This way the sketched button will act as a personalized shortcut to a specific action on the interface.

The work to do during this internship consists of:

  • understanding through interviews the situations under which creating new interfaces shortcuts for mobile devices are desirable,
  • proposing and designing ways of combining sketching and touch gestures to create interface shortcut,
  • implementing a prototype of a shortcut creation system on mobile devices.

Required skills

  • Java programming (the intern will be provided with an Android device).
  • Interest in interaction with mobile devices.
  • Prior experience on mobile development is a plus.


The internship will take place in the insitu team, under the supervision of Anastasia Bezerianos [1] and Caroline Appert [2].