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This website is not maintained anymore. The in|situ| lab has become two labs: ex)situ and ILDA.

Welcome to in|situ|

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Directions to the lab

See the Contact page on this site.

To arrive by public transit, take the RER B to Le Guichet. Head to the north exit for the train station, and turn right, and then right again at the intersection. To the left there's a walking ramp that goes down to the bus station. From here you can catch a #9 bus which will take you to the Pôle d'Ingénierie.

ViaNavigo is a good site for helping you plan your trip to and from PCRI.

You will need

Access Badge

You should pick up your Access badge from Alexandra on your first day (it's a nondescript white RFID card in a plastic case). This card will get you into the building and through the walkways between the North and South buildings.

Door Access Codes

The doors at PCRI generally have one of two access codes. Doors can be kept unlocked by typing the code followed by a press on F before turning the door knob. Pressing F a second time will lock it again. If you are the last one to leave a room, please close and lock the door behind you.

Cantine Card

Alexandra will give you a form which you need to sign and give to the cashier at the Cantine (called the CESFO restaurant) on your first day (along with 20€). You will then receive a card attached to an account used to pay your lunches. You can fund this account by credit card here or by cash directly to the cashier.

Computer Account (LRI & INRIA)

Talk to Stéphane about getting access to this wiki. This allows you to access in|situ| internal resources (such as this wiki). Talk to Alexandra about getting a login for INRIA Saclay accounts -- this allows you to access your email account, and the INRIA Saclay intranet site.

Email Account

You should be able to login to INRIA's Zimbra system using your INRIA Saclay account information (see above). In the Preferences section, you can also change the language of the system to English (if you would rather interact in English instead of French).

You can access to your LRI webmail using your LRI account information.

Setting up Printers

There is one color laser printer in the printing lounge across from Alexandra's office. You need to download the drivers (available for all systems). The printer name is c23-bw23. When adding the printer in your system, please make sure that the Saddle Stitch Finisher is activated. This will let you choose the "Stapling" option that appears in the printing dialog in the "Printer Features" section. Note that, in order to be able to print, you need to be connected to the PCRI local ethernet network.

You will find other printers (for posters) and printing furnitures in room 259. More information is available on this page.

Accessing Online Digital Libraries

Set up a proxy for your browser for:

Also, some publishers' content is only available through the INRIA portal. Some portals such as IEEE might not work though.