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This website is not maintained anymore. The in|situ| lab has become two labs: ex)situ and ILDA.

MIDWAY Workshop - March 23-24, 2015


Sharing experience and bootstrapping some "micro-projects/collaborations" related to MIDWAY.


McGill/CIRMMT: Marcelo, Jeronimo, Johnty
Inria/exsitu - Mjolnir: Stéphane, Wendy, Michel, Fanis, Joe, Justin, (Wendy and Michel students?).
Invited: Jonathan Aceituno & Ludovic Potier (see their project Musique de bureau)


In Saclay, at LRI (Bât Ada Lovelace, 650), room 445.

Preliminary program

Day 1 (March 23, 2015)

Session 1 (morning) - Sharing Experiences

"build upon the research our two labs have conducted during the past years on the design of musical instruments or software tools for composers to synthesize the lessons learned from these projects, and to define some relevant high-level principles and guidelines that led to interesting and/or successful designs.”
  • Participants should post 2 or 3 of their papers on this wiki. These papers should give to the participants an overview of everyone (more or less) recent work related to the MIDWAY project. (Participants who do not have publications related to the project are also welcome to give 2 or 3 interesting external references to discuss).
    Participants should of course have a look to these papers before the workshop...
    Post your papers here!!!
  • Participants will give short presentations (10-15min) about their interests in the MIDWAY project and why the papers they have proposed are relevant to trigger discussions related to MIDWAY.
  • Jonathan & Ludovic will present their project (Musique de bureau), and we will discuss how it illustrates some of the challenges we address in MIDWAY.

expected outcomes

  • Better identify common research interests in the context of MIDWAY
  • Better identify differences and similarities between our research methods and synthesise lessons learned
  • Toward a research/methodological 'framework'
  • Possibility of a join publication about that...

Session 2 (afternoon) - The 5+/-1 MIDWAY research themes

"brief presentation and discussion of the research themes and directions we have identified for the coming year of MIDWAY. Define what to do and who will work on it...”

action: who will present what?


1 - Technology (ICon + libmapper)
main participants: Stéphane, Joe, Johnty, Ivan?, Fanis?, ???

  • demo of the libmapper/ICon integration
  • present a simple use case and prototype that illustrate the possibilities of the tool
  • discuss more advanced use cases
  • plan for required features and future improvements (especially on the following point)

2 - Models
main participants: Michel, Marcelo, Wendy, Stéphane, Fanis?, ???

  • short presentation of the (most recent) concepts of instrumental interaction, co-adaptive instruments, substrates, etc.
  • what is relevant for MIDWAY?
  • how could it fit into the MIDWAY framework:
    • on a conceptual perspective? (e.g., design guidelines)
    • on a technological perspective? (e.g., programming models and concepts, like having 'substrates' as 1st class objects in the MIDWAY framework?)

3 - Evaluation of musical instruments
main participants: Jeronimo, Joe, Marcelo, Stéphane, Wendy?, Jérémie?, Fanis?, Michel?, ???

  • brief presentation of Jeronimo's work (analysis of what is called an "evaluation" in the 3 last years of NIME proceedings)
  • brief presentation of evaluation in HCI and of HCI methodology in general (Wendy's triangulation?)
  • is there some 'a priori' and 'a posteriori' evaluation tools that could be included in such a framework? First ideas:
    • auto-check the validity of an ICon/libmapper configuration according to known properties like integrality/separability, asymmetric/symmetric bimanual interaction;
    • recommandation system based on design guidelines
    • etc.

4 - Visualization of mappings (and more...)
main participants: Johnty, Joe, Mike, Stéphane, ???

  • TODO by Joe ;)

5 - Application of MIDWAY technologies...?

  • Justin's experiments on 3D audio mixing
  • Continue Jérémie's collaboration with Philippe?

expected outcomes

  • identify at least one concrete and "small" problem/idea in each of these topics
  • compose small groups of people interested on working together to address each topic/problem/idea, ... (with at least 1 person from each side of the world ;) )

Day 2 (March 24, 2015)

Session 1 (morning) - Work Sessions

Groups starts to work on their small "projects"

Session 2 (afternoon) - Closing...

Each group presents the "results" of their work session:

  • prototypes or article draft or whatever is relevant according to the objective(s) of the workgroup...
  • roadmap and objectives for continuing the collaboration after the workshop
    • planned visits/exchanges (priority to students)

End of the workshop:

  • TODO

Social events


Meal trays at the workshop location

March 23, evening

Dinner somewhere, TBD...